Quarantine Homeschool – Day II – Spiders

Dear Mrs. M. and friends,

When I woke in the morning, I was set to learn about possums but then I saw a spider and that changed everything. I used to be afraid of them but learning about how hard they work and how useful they are to us, I grew fond of them. 

I remembered a Peppa Pig episode about Mr. Skinny-Legs and I wanted to watch it but my mum said that we are not allowed to watch TV at 5 in the morning, so I read The Very Hungry Spider and Miss Spider’s Tea Party instead. My brother sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider song until everybody got a headache. 

Oh, I made a coffee for my mama! Without spiders! But that helped! She got the paints out and we made a magic picture with a white crayon, that you could only see when you put colours on it. I remembered another way to paint, that we used at school for Father’s Day, so we painted some more. We made an art gallery in our room with all my brother’s and my work. I asked my mum to pick her favourite but she didn’t want to. I think mine are the most beautiful! 

Did you know that not all spiders build webs? Tarantulas can produce silk, but they don’t make webs with it. But they can kill you!

And…that spiders are not insects? They have 8 legs and they are arachnids. I probably won’t remember this name tomorrow but I will ask my mum or dad. 

My brother and I counted legs on spiders and different insects then we played with some cubes that have numbers and dots on them. They look like legos and you have to match them. I also tried to count backwards but I have to practice some more. MY BROTHER KNOWS NUMBER 8!!! 

At night, we watched The Very Busy Spider on the ceiling, in the dark! It was so cool! 



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