Eyes On The Prize


It has been a while since I have been able to put pen to paper and write down my thoughts as a parent. Not because they haven’t been many, but because it has been overwhelming at times. This week-end I lived a very intense moment I don’t want to forget and that’s why I have decided to write it down. My son, now 8, takes swimming lessons each week. My husband usually takes him. This time my boy insisted I go with him. The whole lesson is 45 minutes long and parents are allowed to sit in and watch. My son was very particular with where he wanted me to sit and I wondered if there was a reason behind it. While kids are swimming, I don’t think I am wrong if I say that 100% of the parents on the benches are on their phones, (including me). I usually chat with my mom or my sisters,  I browse on the internet, – and – from time to time, I look up from my phone to see how my son is doing. It feels like a nice break from all the drama of the life with two very active young kids. This time, I kept my phone in my pocket and I was amazed to see that every couple of minutes my 8 year old was looking at me with his gorgeous big eyes, smiling! Every two minutes he was making eye contact! Every two minutes he was checking to see if I was watching him. And he was so proud that I was! I felt so much love and guilt at the same time – for all the times that I didn’t catch his eyes because I was looking at my phone or doing something else that was not as important, for every single time he was checking to see if I saw him and I wasn’t. I realised there is one thing that these two kids of mine want the most in this world: the full attention of their parents! They want to be seen every time they do something amazing, (or not), they want to be seen, heard, admired, adored, all the time! They don’t care about how much money we make, how big our house is, how many cars we have, how many things we own. All they care about is a deep and meaningful connection with us, their parents. They are our only prize that matters! So I promised myself to keep my eyes on them at all times. Or at least to try my best!

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