Happy World Breastfeeding Week

Bedtime Conversation

3yo: Mummy, I’m thinking about something!

Me: What are you thinking about?

3yo: Some mothers take care of their children when they need something. Even if they have a baby and a big boy who is 3 or maybe 4! If the baby wants to nurse and the 3 year-old wants to nurse, some mums let their big boy nurse too, even if he is 3 or 4!

Me: That’s right, sweetheart! Some mothers do do that and some don’t!

3yo: Which one are you?

Me, perplexed: I breastfed you for more than 3 years! That’s a very long time, and even when your little brother was a baby I still breastfed you alongside with him for a few moths!

3yo: But I still need it!

Me: I understand!

Silence ….

3yo, with his eyes closed: Mummy, do you know what I am dreaming about right now?

Me: I would love to know!

3yo: I’m dreaming you are nursing me!


Did I take out my boob to nurse him? No!

But in the morning when I nursed the baby and he latched on the other side without a word, I too remained silent and we stayed like this, in perfect stillness for a few minutes.

A few minutes that didn’t take any effort from my side.

Moments that meant the world for him!

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