Rodan+Fields Redefine Regimen Review

First Impressions

When Carlie from Mum On The Glow kindly offered me a Redefine Regimen to try, in exchange for an honest review, I was over the moon!

I had heard so many good things about Rodan+Fields but had not had the opportunity to put my hands on any! I didn’t even know they were in Australia!

When I got the package I was a bit surprised by how many products it contained. My first thought was “when in a million years am I going to have time to use all these?!” But hey, most of them need to be used at night when the little cheekies are asleep so, …yay!

I snapped a picture of my “before face” and I got to work.


The products are numbered so you don’t have to worry about the order.

• At night, you clean your face with a mask, follow with toner, hydrating serum, the blue roller (3 nights/week), then the blue capsule night serum and the night moisturiser. Easy peasy. The whole process takes 5 minutes! I deserve 5 minutes a day to take care of my skin! And you do too!

•In the morning things are even simpler: cleansing mask, toner, AM moisturiser.

Now a few things about …

The Goodies

The Daily Cleansing Mask – I love the way my face feels after I wash this out. It’s “squeaky clean” but without feeling dry at all! Love!

The Toner – balances out your skin and prepares it for what’s coming next. I can tell it has some active ingredients in it because sometimes I feel a little stinging right after I use it.

The mighty roller – I hate needles but I love this so much! Only when I started using this, (the 4th day) I felt like something was really changing in the way my skin looked! I personally think this roller makes all the difference!

The Hydrating Serum – another favourite of mine! My skin was always drying every time I used foundation, and was getting a little flaky around my nose but not after I started using this! So, thanks!

Night Serum Capsules – love the texture! It feels like a pore minimising primer. Makes the skin so smooth!

PM & AM Moisturisers

The PM night cream is the last thing you put on your face at night. It’s not greasy and it applies so easily!

The AM moisturiser has a SPF 15 and it fights pollution and wrinkles. Need to say more?

All these together feel a tiny little bit sticky on the face right after application but in the morning you’re guaranteed to have baby skin!


After 4 weeks

Skin texture has improved, even elasticity I would say. My skin is hydrated and does not flake under foundation anymore. I used to have this problem no matter what hydrating products I had used but now I can say I don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Regarding my fine lines and wrinkles I don’t think there is a noticeable change, but I do think that if I continue to use this regimen the results will show. It’s only been 4 weeks.

after 8 weeks

To be continued…

NB: If you have any questions about the products or about how to get your hands on them, contact Carlie from Mum on The Glow on Instagram or Facebook.

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